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Design earthing system
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Lightning and transient voltage protection for wind power plants
Wind power plants are high-cost installations, equipped with elements that are very sensitive to electromagnetic inductions. Besides their own great height, wind turbines are placed in remote isolated locations. Repair or damage due to direct lightning strikes and associated interruption in power supply can result in huge losses. Wind turbines are considered as a "" maximal risk" structure for design of a lightning protection solution.

The nature and performace of wind turbines makes almost impossible in practice to deploy a conventional or advanced lightning protection systems. Wind turbines have to be manufactured according to the standard IEC 61400 and the bearings should be able to withstand lightning current. The most effective measure that can be provided to support the IEC 61400 construction is an advanced earthing system and protection against lightning electromagnetic pulses.

Dhruva Technologies designs and installs all the necessary elements for the most efficient lightning protection for wind power plants and the contained electronics.

Components of a wind power plants lightning protection systems:
Type 1 protector at the turbine generator output
Type II protector at the main board input
Type I protector at the main board output
Telephone line protector for ADSL link
Network protector for data link
Coaxial protectors for security cameras
Support structure earthing system
Equipotential isolation spark gap
Design earthing system
Design earthing system