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lightning prevention
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Lightning and Over-voltage protection for telecommunication towers
Telecommunication towers such as cellular, microwave communication, television broadcast or radio repeaters are very high structures, placed in remote isolated locations. All equipment with electronics and control equipment are very sensitive to atmospheric discharges and electromagnetic inductions. Their maintenance and repair usually requires technicians to travel to remote distances which results in long duration downtime that costs the operators large amount of revenue loss and loss in customer satisfaction.

Installation and maintenance of an appropriate lightning and overvoltage protection system can mitigate many of such failures.

Dhruva Technologies designs and installs all the necessary elements for the most efficient lightning protection for communication towers and the contained electronics.
Components of a telecommunication tower lightning protection systems:
Over and undervoltage cut off
Type 1 protector at mains
Type II protector at UPS
Type III protector for DC power supply
Type II protector for aviation light controller
Telephone line protector for ADSL link
Network protector for data link
Coaxial protectors for RF lines and security cameras
External earthing system
Internal earthing system
Equipotential bus bars
Equipotential isolation spark gap