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Lightning Prevention
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Site Survey, design, supply and installation of External Lightning Protection Systems
External Lightning Protection is designed on a facility to protect it from any direct lightning strikes. International standards and recommendations from IEC, NFC, UNE, UL, IEEE govern on how these systems are designed and installed. The external protection system comprises of an air terminal network, down conductors and earth termination system. Various types of air terminals and earth termination products are available.

Engineers at Dhruva Technologies Pvt. Ltd are UL certified and custom designs solutions for each project. The team undertakes a detailed risk assessment, develops protection models, deploys a combination of most applicable lightning protection design recommendations and selects the best performing products available in the market to offer an unmatched lightning protection system to our customers.
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The protection model highlights the locations where the air terminals will be installed, how they will be interconnected and terminated into a specially designed earth termination system. It also shows the zone of protection the facility is likely to get.
The protection is be designed using one of the three air terminal technologies:
Franklin Lightning Rod
Franklin lightning rods are metal rods installed in a network on a facility and they provide the preferred point of strike for lightning leaders. The zone of protection and level of protection for a facility is calculated based on the height of the air terminal and the spacing between the air terminals.
Early Streamer Emitting Rod
These devices are enhanced lightning rods engineered to react towards the changing electromagnetic fields and approaching lightning leaders. These Air Terminals are proactive and emit streamers to intercept lightning leaders at a distance further away from the point of rods location. This performance enlarges the effective zone of protection. Their height of installation decides the level of protection.
Streamer Inhibiting Rod
A Streamer Inhibitor, a Streamer Inhibiting Electrode or simply an Inhibitor is a lightning air terminal that is specifically designed to predictably reduce the risk of a direct lightning strike to a structure. A Streamer Inhibitor uses the ambient electric fields to produce charges in the glow mode over a very broad voltage range.