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Lightning Detector
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Lightning Detection & Warning Systems
Warning means having information in advance that allows the user to start temporary preventive measures before the storm begins. Lightning detection and warning will be complementary to an installed Lightning Protection System (LPS) in certain situations, while in others it will be sufficient to act alone.

Beautiful to behold, lightning is not only one of nature's most powerful phenomena, but one of the most common and destructive. That's why Dhruva technologies offer a line of state-of-the-art Lightning Detection Systems that help you to detect and track thunderstorms up to 300 miles away, right from your personal computer.
Featured Products:
EFM 100®

ATSTORM® - Lightning Detector & Warning System
ATSTORM® is a patented technology and a highly innovative purely electronic detector, that measures the electric field in a similar manner to conventional electric field mills but using no motor or mechanical parts. ATSTORM® detects every stage of a storm, from its outset, thus giving a far earlier warning. ATSTORM® is a storm detector that measures the environmental electric field. It is fully automatic, without mobile parts, robust and highly reliable.
Local detection of every stage of the storm thus allowing sufficient time for taking all the per- established preventive actions.
Local detection of every stage of the storm thus allowing sufficient time for taking all the per- established preventive actions.
No mobile parts thus avoiding breakdowns and service interruptions.
No special maintenance required.
Configurable detection thresholds according to the user necessities.
Possibility of universal outputs allowing connection to any alarm device, measuring devices, etc.
With specific control software.
Possibility of GSM modem allowing SMS messages to be sent to cell phones with data or alarms.

Storm Tracker® - Lightning Detector
StormTracker® uses state-of-the-art technology to make real-time lightning detection affordable. How does the StormTracker® work? It is an add-on to your IBM PC or compatible computer allowing you to not only tell if lightning is near but see where it is. It detects lightning strikes up to 300 miles away and plots them in real time on a map of your area.
Receive early warning of approaching or developing storms
Configurable severe storm and close storm alarms
Determine from which direction the approaching storm is coming
Follow developing and decaying storms from the first strike to the last
Save all data for future analysis
Detect if lightning in your area

LD-250®- Portable Detector Lightning
The LD-250® Lightning Detector puts a live lightning map on your laptop or desktop computer. Within milliseconds of a lightning strike the detector beeps and your computer displays the strike location. The LD-250's direction-finding antenna measures lightning strike direction while the LD-250's receiver estimates distance from received signal strength. Advanced signal processing in software improves distance accuracy, reducing the effects of strike-to-strike variations in strike energy.
Can warn for both close & severe thunderstorm
Strike rates, both close strikes/minute & total strikes/minute are shown
Three display range - 160, 320 and 480km
Lightning data is live
Connects to USB or RS232 port and works even if computer is off
Connect to a GPS Receiver and track lightning from your car, truck or boat.

EFM-100® - Electric Field Mill
Measuring the static electric field generated by thunderclouds the EFM-100 not only detects nearby lightning but can detect the atmospheric conditions which precede lightning. Electric field data is displayed and graphed on your desktop computer using the included software. For complete electrical isolation from the field mill outside, the EFM-100 connects to your computer using a fiber optic cable. It features aluminum and stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance, gold plated connectors throughout, and the highest quality ball-bearing brush-less dc motor for excellent reliability.
Log date, time and distance of nearby lightning.
Monitor lightning up to 24 miles (38 km) away.
Detect the high electric field conditions which precede lightning.
Short-range detector is optimized for close lightning to provide the best distance accuracy while ignoring far away lightning.
Monitor up to four separate locations per PC.
Watch trends develop.
Attention getting alarms.
Review archived data from previous storms.
Stay current with free software updates