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Soil resistance testing
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  Lightning Risk Analysis
  Soil testing, design, supply and
  installation of Earthing Systems
  Site Survey, design, supply and
  installation of External Lightning
  Protection Systems
  Site Survey, design, supply and
  installation of Internal Lightning
  Protection Systems
  Design, supply and installation of
  Lightning detection and warning
  Engineering, Procurement &
  Commissioning of Lightning
  Protection Systems
  Training, consulting and
  specification writing
Site Survey, design, supply and installation of Internal Lightning Protection Systems
Lightning strikes on a facility or anywhere nearby including those that take place between the clouds create very high electromagnetic pulses which induce transients in power and data cables. The form of transient is very unpredictable – it could be a small spike, a medium energy surge or a steep impulse of varying voltage and carrying varying amount of energy. Electrical, electronic and communication equipment have different level of immunity towards such transients and protection for them has to be carefully designed based upon the protection devices capability to handle one or other transient, it's response time, energy handling capability and designed let thru voltages.

Dhruva Technologies Pvt. Ltd is very savvy with power protection techniques and evaluates the pattern of power quality to which the electronics is exposed to and risk of lightning induced transients together to select the most appropriate surge protection device and their point of installation.
Soil resistance testing