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Lightning eliminator
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Lightning and Over-voltage protection for residential and commercial structures
Residential and commercial high rises now are complex architectural wonders with numerous electric and electronic equipment. Large appliances such as washing machines or refrigerators have a higher electromagnectic immunity as compared to computers, security alarm, fire alarm, access systems and TV sets. Complexes with automated serives using domotics are even more exposed to damage during lightning events.

Shut down of electronics in commercial complexs can be a disaster in terms of safety of people and revenue as a whole. In many of these premises there are internal computer networks connecting even equipment placed inside different buildings. Data lines and their connected equipment are designed for very low voltages and therefore surges caused by lightning can produce serious damages.
Residential and commercial structures require both protection agains direct lightning strikes and from transient overvoltages on power, communication and data lines.

Dhruva Technologies designs and installs all the necessary elements for the most efficient lightning protection for Residential and commercial high rises.

Components of a Residential and commercial high rises lightning protection systems:
Over and undervoltage cut off
Type 1 protector at mains
Type II protector at UPS
Type II protector at generator ATS
Type II protector at branch panels
Type III protector at each sensitive equipment load
Telephone line protector for ADSL link
Network protector for data link
Coaxial protectors for RF lines and security cameras
External earthing system
Equipotential bus bars
Equipotential isolation spark gap